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What to judge the quality of the product when choosing a neodymium magnet product?

Everyone has choice phobia when buying a product. I don't know how to choose which one to buy? For unfamiliar products, go back to ask others’ opinions or read the buyer’s comments. So how to choose magnet products? How to see the quality?
Let us analyze how to judge the quality of magnet products. At present, there are many magnet products on the market, mainly depending on the demand parameters of buyers and the strength of manufacturers. It is important to choose a manufacturer based on purchasing requirements. Because good manufacturers strictly control the quality of their products. You can judge from these points when choosing a manufacturer. 1. To have rich production experience, you can choose a manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience, because the quality of the products produced by such manufacturers are relatively good. 2. Look at the manufacturer’s proofing and sampling ability, which is also the customization ability. Different customers need different specifications of magnet products. The manufacturer needs to have the proofing ability and can produce samples quickly. In fact, for product quality, good quality products are suitable for customers.
Summary: The quality of magnet products depends on the strength of the manufacturer. The most important thing is that a good product is suitable for use. Choose Xiamen everbeen manufacturer, Xiamen everbeen has 12 years of production experience, can produce samples 24 hours a day, and purchase with confidence!

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