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Is a strong magnet fragile?

I have received many calls from customers asking for a powerful magnet that is not fragile? Can your magnet products be guaranteed not to be fragile? How can we make the magnet not fragile? Backstage customer service Xiaoju also received a lot of such inquiries? So today I will answer your questions and analyze whether the powerful magnet is fragile.

The raw material used in the strong magnet is sintered neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material, which is a kind of chemically active powder metallurgy material rare earth raw material, its characteristics are hard and brittle, and it is easy to be oxidized and corroded. Therefore, strong magnets are fragile like glass. Of course, it will not be so easy to break if you don't hit it vigorously during use, or protect it when you take it. Choosing a supplier is also very important. Branded supplier manufacturers will use national standard materials to ensure quality. If a bad supplier is found to produce it, the product quality will not be guaranteed.

Summary: The strong magnet is fragile and needs to be protected during transportation and use. It is important to choose the manufacturer. The follow-up quality problems of good manufacturers or long-term cooperation will be less troublesome. Purchase powerful magnets, choose Jusheng, and purchase with confidence!


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