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Introduction to the advantages and application scope of powerful magnets

Regarding large magnets, different customers have different understandings of large magnets, and the sizes of large magnets produced by different magnet manufacturers are different. If you have large-scale powerful magnets and need to calculate the price, please contact our company for samples.

   We generally use neodymium-iron-boron magnets by default, also called permanent magnets, which belong to rare earth magnets. In many cases, permanent magnets can be used for the electromagnetic applications. There is no power consumption, and the use of powerful magnets does not generate heat (this is very important ), there is no need to worry about the advantages of power failure. The electromagnetic chuck has a big problem, that is, power failure protection. Therefore, electromagnetic lifting generally requires an uninterrupted power supply, which leads to an increase in cost. Using a strong magnet chuck will eliminate it. This worries.

   Where are the powerful magnets used?


   Powerful magnet

   The application range of powerful magnets is very wide, such as permanent magnet motors, magnetic jacks, magnetic chucks, magnetic actuators (synchronous transmission, hysteresis transmission, eddy current transmission), magnetic springs (curve and pull when attracting each other). The shape of the spring is opposite), safety sensors, sensors, iron removers, concentrators, daily necessities, toys, mechanical equipment, fishing tools, etc.

   Our large neodymium iron boron bar magnets can generally be made 200mm long, and the ring-shaped large magnets can be made of 240mm outer diameter, and can be punched or through holes. If you need it, please consult our company.

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