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The difference between strong magnet and ordinary magnet

Strong magnets have high temperature resistance: the limit temperature and Curie temperature of strong magnets are stronger than ordinary iron magnets. Regardless of the kind of powerful magnet, the material used is superior to the magnet, so the limit temperature that the magnet itself can withstand is greatly increased, and the machine can be operated at the temperature used by the machine.


Strong magnets are hard and hard: Strong magnets add the density of rare elements, making magnets much harder than ordinary iron magnets. The unavoidable collisions in use will not affect the integrity of the magnet. The general magnetite is fragile and cannot maintain its appearance for a long time.

Powerful magnets have strong magnetic force: The magnets in the hands of children in the market are based on the number of coins they can suck, and powerful magnets are several, dozens, or even hundreds of times stronger than their magnetic force. Powerful magnets are so strong that workers who install these powerful magnets must be careful to avoid personal injury. This shows how strong their magnetic power is.

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