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Steps to customize trapezoidal permanent magnets

There are many styles of permanent magnets, and it is estimated that there are hundreds of them on the market. The trapezoidal permanent magnet is one of the permanent magnets, which are divided from the shape and are usually classified as a conventional one. Although it is a conventional magnet, we also need to know some things when customizing. Let me tell you the steps for customizing trapezoidal permanent magnets today.

 Trapezoidal permanent magnet

The steps for customizing trapezoidal permanent magnets are divided into the following steps. 1. To find a suitable manufacturer, the manufacturer must have a certain degree of customization experience, and at the same time have a good production strength, preferably a relatively large-scale manufacturer in the industry. 2. Contact the manufacturer, and then provide the drawings and data of the product, and ask the manufacturer whether it can be customized according to the drawing data one-to-one. 3. Provide samples. Customers should provide samples to manufacturers when they have samples, so as to achieve multiple guarantees and be foolproof.


The above is about the customization steps of trapezoidal permanent magnets. In addition, customers should have a more in-depth understanding of manufacturers and obtain manufacturer information from multiple dimensions, so as to find a suitable manufacturer to customize!

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