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Causes of rust spots on the surface of NdFeb magnets

Why ndfeb magnet surface will appear rust spots? After a while, the surface of neodymium iron boron magnet appears white or other color spots, which gradually develop into rust spots. What's the matter?

Under normal circumstances, the electroplated layer of Ndfeb magnet is not easy to appear rust spot. There are generally the following reasons:

1. Magnets are stored in humid, poor air mobility and temperature difference places.

2. The dirt on the surface of the magnet before electroplating is not well cleaned;

3. Insufficient plating time or process flow;

4. Magnet oxidation caused by broken packing seal of the magnet;

The above is the most common reason for the surface of Neodymium iron boron magnet rust spot, you can pay attention to observe!

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