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The permeability of NdFeb magnets

Magnetic permeability is a physical quantity that represents the magnetic conductivity of a magnetic medium. The relative permeability of NdFeb magnet at room temperature is generally 1.05. For those with high coerce, such as UH, EH, and the production process is better, it can be as low as 1.02 and 1.03.


Ndfeb magnet

The higher the coerce of ndFeb magnet, the lower the relative permeability. Sintered NdFeb permanent magnet can be divided into six categories according to magnetic polarization intensity coercer: low coercer N, medium coercer M, high coercer H, extremely high coercer SH, ultra-high coercer UH, extremely high coercer EH, among which the relative permeability of extremely high coercer EH can reach 1.02. The same size magnets of UH, EH, SH and N were saturated and magnetized. After the magnetization of the meter was measured, the magnets were respectively put into boiling water for more than an hour, and then taken out and cooled to room temperature. Then the magnetization of the meter was measured. The most demagnetized is N, followed by SH and UH, and the least demagnetized is EH. The ndFeb magnet can be divided into bonded NdFeb and sintered NdFEB. Bonding is actually injection molding, while sintering is vacuum forming through high temperature heating. Ndfeb magnets are permanent magnets with the strongest magnetic force so far.

The common symbol for magnetic permeability, for the magnetic permeability of the medium, or said to be absolute permeability. Where 0 is the permeability of vacuum and r is the relative permeability of the dielectric. According to the size of r, the dielectric can be divided into paramagnetic substance (r>1), antimagnetic substance (r<1) and ferromagnetic substance (r>>1).

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