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NdFeB application of NdFeB permanent magnet

NdFeB permanent magnet has two polarity, magnetic North Pole N and magnetic South Pole S. After being cut off, it still has two poles N and S, and a single magnetic pole cannot exist. At the same time, NdFeB permanent magnet has directivity. If a magnet is suspended, it will be found that its South Pole points to the South Pole and its North Pole points to the North Pole. These characteristics determine that NdFeB permanent magnet can be widely used in the fields of electrical machinery, communication, medical treatment, electronic instruments, magnetic separator, aerospace and daily supplies.

Precision Ndfeb permanent magnet

Electrical machinery, communications, medical, electronic instruments, magnetic separators, aerospace and daily supplies, etc. It is now widely used in generators, motors, compasses and other aspects, such as magnetic pumps. Ndfeb permanent magnets can also be used to generate electricity, and most current generation equipment USES coils to cut magnetic fields to generate electricity.


In recent years, electromagnet technology made by superconducting coil has been developed rapidly. Due to the high current density of superconducting wire, the resistance of superconducting wire is almost 0 when it runs in superconducting state, so it is convenient to make strong magnet above 5~10T. In particular, electromagnets used for conducting cooling in refrigerator have greatly expanded the application field of superconducting magnets since they do not need to use expensive liquid helium.

NdFeB NdFeB permanent magnet is the largest field of use in China, accounting for 27%. Speakers, earphones and so on are used in acoustics. The magnetic circuit of loudspeaker is divided into internal magnetic type and external magnetic type. When rare earth permanent magnetic material is used, it can be applied to both internal magnetic type and external magnetic type, and the size and weight are greatly reduced. At present, some domestic and foreign manufacturers of advanced audio equipment have launched NdFeB NdFeB speaker, electro-acoustic performance has been greatly improved. A large number of loudspeaker magnetic steel exported from China is mainly used in high-performance stereo headphones.

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