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Summary of sintered NdFeb and bonded NdFeb

There are two kinds of bonded ndFeb: sintered NdFeb and bonded NdFEB. Bonded NdFEB are magnetic in all directions and corrosion-resistant. The sintered NdFeb is easy to corrode and the surface needs to be coated with zinc, nickel, environmental zinc, environmental nickel, nickel copper nickel, environmental nickel copper nickel and so on. Bonded NdFeb general axial and radial magnetization, according to the need to determine the working face.


Sintered NdFeb is an anisotropic magnet produced by powder sintering. It is usually sintered to produce a blank and then machined (such as wire cutting, cutting, grinding, etc.) to become a magnet of various shapes. Sintered NdFeb is a brittle and hard material that is difficult to be machined. The surface needs to be electroplated because of its high loss, high cost, poor dimensional accuracy and poor corrosion resistance. But its advantages are high magnetic, anti - demagnetization ability, its magnetism is bonded ndFeb material about 5 times. According to magnetic energy level accuracy, consistency, machining accuracy, surface treatment etc., can be sintered ndfeb roughly divided into low, medium and high three gears, cheap products for N30, N35, N38, 30 35 h h, h, 33, 33 sh, mid-range products for N40, N42, 38 h, 35 sh, 38 sh, 30 33 uh, uh, a high grade product for N45, N48, N50, are 45 N52, 40, 42 h h, h, 48 h, 40 sh, etc.

Bonded NdFeb is a complex permanent magnet made of ndFeb by evenly mixing the ndFeb powder with binder such as resin, plastic or low melting point metal, and then by compression, extrusion or injection molding. The product can be formed once without secondary processing and can be directly made into a variety of complex shapes. Bonded NdFeb in all directions are magnetic, can be processed into ndFeb compression mold and injection mold. High precision, excellent magnetic properties, good corrosion resistance, good temperature stability.

Although bonded ndFeb industry and sintered NdFeb industry started at the same time, but relatively slow development, in terms of output is less than one tenth of the output of sintered NdFEB magnets, mainly due to the low magnetic properties and mechanical strength of bonded magnets. Most of the magnets are used in various precision rare earth permanent magnetic motors in the form of multipole magnetized rings, which become an important supplement of sintered rare earth permanent magnetic materials. Has always been hard drive and cd-rom spindle motor is isotropic bonding the main field of application of rare earth magnets but with solid-state drives prices have fallen sharply, as well as the rapid growth of tablets and smartphones, hard drive and cd-rom market suffered great impact, especially the CDS market attenuation nearly half, result in bonded ndfeb has been in low demand, also for the future performance of the bonded magnet, accuracy, temperature tolerance and other important indicators put forward higher requirements.

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