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What does the magnet manufacturer do with magnets?

A lot of people know the magnet and learn to use, also know the magnet is very wide in the social application, so, how is the magnet manufacturer to deal with the magnet, the following to introduce yutong magnet manufacturers to some measures of the magnet.

The magnet loses magnetism. Magnet manufacturers through external magnetic field action, iron, cobalt ferromagnetic materials inside the electron alignment, so that its magnetic effect, with the direction of the external magnetic field, so that magnetic will occur. And copper, aluminum, lead and other materials of the electron, is disordered, do not produce magnetic. For example, a magnet attracts a nail because the magnetic field magnetizes the nail and then attracts each other. As a result, the nail is attracted by the magnet. To make the magnet lose its magnetism, burn the magnet red. As the temperature of the magnet rises, the molecules inside the magnet speed up, causing the electrons inside to scramble. When the temperature reaches a certain height, the direction of the electrons' motion is completely disturbed, and the magnetism naturally disappears.

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Second, shielding the magnetic field. The magnet manufacturer's approach is to use a general iron plate. As we all know, to meet the requirements of magnetic shielding, ferro-nickel alloy is generally chosen as a highly conductive material. In an environment with a strong magnetic field to shield, using only a single layer of material has little effect. Generally is to increase the thickness of the material. In fact, the most effective method is to screen through combination, which can minimize the magnetic field. The specific operation is to put a shielding object in another shielding object, remember to have a gap between the objects, the gap can be filled with support, but must be non-conductive material.

In addition, according to the magnet manufacturer, there are many different methods to deal with the magnet, the key is to find the appropriate measures in the specific application.

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