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How to choose neodymium magnet

Production of high temperature permanent magnet factory to introduce you before the decision to choose a magnet should be clear about the need to choose it to play what role? Contains the contents of a magnet whose main function is to move, fix, or lift an object.

Shape: oblate, circular, square, tile, or special shape.

Dimensions: length, width, height, diameter and tolerance, etc.

Required suction, expected price and quantity, etc.

High temperature resistant permanent magnet includes silicon steel sheet and soft magnetic core. Hard magnetic includes aluminum-nickel-cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite and ndfeb, among which, the more expensive is samarium cobalt magnetic steel, the cheaper is ferrite magnetic steel, the higher performance is ndfeb magnetic steel, but the performance is relatively stable, temperature coefficient and good is aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnetic steel, can choose different hard magnetic products according to different needs.

The definition of magnetic properties mainly has the following three performance parameters to determine the magnetic properties: remanent Br: permanent magnet after magnetization to technology saturation, and remove the external magnetic field, the retained Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity.

Coercivity Hc: to reduce the B of the permanent magnet magnetized to technology saturation to zero, the strength of the reverse magnetic field required to be added is called magnetic sense coercivity, referred to as coercivity for short.

Magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnetic energy density established by the magnet in the air gap space (two magnetic Spaces), that is, the magnetostatic energy per unit volume of the air gap. Since this energy is equal to the product of m m and m of the magnet, it is called the magnetic energy product.

Magnetic field: the space in which magnetism is affected.

Surface magnetic field: the intensity of magnetic induction at a specified location on the surface of a permanent magnet.

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