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The benefits and effects of powerful magnets


Compared to ferrite, aluminum-nickel-cobalt, samarium cobalt magnetic 640 times the weight, so ndfeb often attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metals also known as natural magnets, can also be manufactured by artificial. It's not a permanent magnet, and it always points in the same direction after it swings at will. Early seafarers used this kind of magnet as a functional material in our lives today. Through the advanced powder can achieve and exceed the effect with the Magnet, but also can be large Magnet, magnetic steel is now mainly divided into two categories, soft, hard magnetic; Hard magnetic including aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite, ndfeb, among them, three performance parameters to determine the performance: Br: magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove the external magnetic field, keep the Br is called residual magnetic induction Hc: reduce the saturation magnetization to technology magnet B to zero, the need to add the reverse magnetic field strength is called BH: represents the magnet in the air gap space (magnet magnetic ji space) of the magnetic energy density, namely the Bm and the product of Hm, therefore, have magnetic effects on magnetic ji space for the magnetic field.

: magnetic induction intensity at a specified location on the surface of a permanent magnet.

Aluminum-nickel-cobalt was made. Shenzhen yongling magnet co., ltd. is a research and development, production and sales enterprise. Main production and marketing of the same sex rubber magnetic (magnetic products); It is widely used in electrical machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, health care and other fields. At the same time in the large ring, cutting, also have technology and equipment accumulation. Through research and development, we have excellent quality,

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