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If the strong neodymium magnet manufacturer does not choose what will happen

Frequently, customers will report that it is because there is no strong permanent magnet manufacturer that has not been selected before, which has led to various problems on the way of cooperation. It has also caused a lot of losses. Do you know that you have encountered it? Let's briefly talk about what will happen!

Strong permanent magnet manufacturer

First, the raw material problem

The raw material is the root of the magnet. The quality of the magnet is not good, and the magnetic force is not strong enough on the raw material. For example, some low-end strong permanent magnet manufacturers, in order to pull the order, the unit price is reported to be particularly low, in fact, it is just stealing the material, some customers need the performance of the N35, they use the N28 material instead. The middle price is quite different, and the customer will not feel anything when they are in the hand, but it is not the same when installed on the product.

Strong permanent magnet manufacturer

Second, the tolerance problem

Tolerance is a fundamental factor in testing whether a strong permanent magnet manufacturer has the strength. If the factory's production staff has enough custom production experience, it can control the tolerance very well. However, some factories will make the tolerance too large or too small, and some can only do negative tolerances, which will affect the installation of the magnet.

Strong permanent magnet manufacturer

Third, the manufacturer problem

Some unreliable strong permanent magnet manufacturers do not have a good guarantee for customers, both in terms of quality and delivery. Magnets always have problems, and the delivery time is not delayed. This situation should be compared. Generally! This is because some factories are only responsible for taking orders and outsourcing them to others, so that they can't control themselves in terms of quality and delivery.

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