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Things to pay attention to when buying a special magnet


Shaped magnets are not the same as ordinary round or square. The ordinary shape can be customized for a size manufacturer, but the special-shaped magnet process is more complicated, so be sure to pay attention to the following points when customizing:

1. It is recommended to provide samples or accurate drawings to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer can evaluate them. (The drawing is very important, because some data can be expressed very intuitively. If only the ordinary expression on the verbal is more error-prone. There are still some manufacturers that can't make such a special-shaped magnet, so the dimensions and tolerances of both sides must be precise. Negotiated and reasonably determined.)

2. What kind of materials and performance are needed? (that is, magnetic and temperature requirements)

Shaped magnet

3. What kind of plating process is required on the surface? (Commonly galvanized and nickel plated, nickel plating will make the surface color brighter and more resistant to corrosion, but the price is relatively higher)

4. What is the need for magnetization and what is the direction of magnetization?

5, the number of customization (the number will be related to the level of the quotation, generally speaking, the bigger the batch, the more favorable the discount)

6. If there are other special requirements for special-shaped magnets, be sure to inform us in advance.

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