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Strong magnet manufacturers teach you how to detect neodymium magnet performance


Strong magnet manufacturers generally have relevant professional knowledge, so it is easy to detect the performance of strong magnets. Here is a small series for you to discuss how strong magnet manufacturers detect strong magnet performance!

Square counterbore strong magnet

First, the first tools used in the sample will be: vernier caliper, flux meter, micrometer, Gauss meter, etc.

Second, the use of vernier calipers to accurately measure the tolerance size of strong magnets, generally measured in millimeters

Third, the film thickness meter is to measure the plating thickness of strong magnets, and the quality of plating.

Strong magnet manufacturer

4. What is the Gauss meter? It is the magnetic force that mainly measures a certain point on the surface of the magnet. It is measured in Gauss, which is generally based on the magnetic force measured at the center point of the magnet.

5. The biggest difference between the fluxmeter and the Gauss meter is that the fluxmeter measures the magnetic force of one surface of a strong magnet, and the Gauss meter is only one point. Therefore, the measurement results of the fluxmeter are more objective and accurate.

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