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Knowledge about high temperature magnets

Many customers have a vague concept of the temperature of the use of high-temperature magnets. If you want to analyze the problem in detail, it is not clear in a few words, involving quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics and so on.

Square counterbore high temperature magnet

High-temperature magnets are also permanent magnets. Many manufacturers like to say that their permanent magnets can never demagnetize, but this is not the case. It is a bit too exaggerated. Because there are many reasons for the demagnetization of the magnet, the internal reason is mainly the thermal motion of the internal magnet of the internal magnet. The thermal motion can change the magnetic pole orientation of the magnetic domain, and even the magnetic domain is disintegrated. The disassembled magnet is completely magnetic, so that the magnetic domain The temperature at which the body is disintegrated is the Curie point (Curie temperature).

High temperature magnet

The ferrite is about 450 ° C, the alumino-nickel-cobalt is about 860 ° C, the neodymium-iron boron is 320 ° C - 380 ° C, and the samarium cobalt is 450 ° C - 840 ° C. The height of the Curie point is related to the crystal structure formed by the sintering of the magnet, such as the impurities inside, the environment at the time of cooling, the ratio of the alloy composition, and the specific process of sintering (where the ingredients are the basis, and sintering and tempering are the key).

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