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Analyze the temperature resistance level of a powerful magnet

Many industrial customers are concerned about the resistance of high-power magnets to high temperatures? How much temperature can you withstand? The following strong magnet manufacturers will give you a general knowledge of this aspect!

1. Whether a strong magnet can withstand high temperatures depends on its raw material characteristics.

2. What is the temperature range of 120-180-200-250-300-350-400 degrees?

3. The common temperature of NdFeB is 80 °C, and it has a temperature resistance of 120 and 180 degrees, and the Curie temperature is 310 °C.

4. Ferrite heat-resistant working temperature upper limit of 300 ° C (although the demagnetization will be very powerful), the Curie temperature is 450-460 ° C.

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5. Samarium cobalt is resistant to temperatures of 250 ° C and 350 ° C.

6. Iron chromium cobalt is resistant to temperature 400 °C.

7. There is also a higher temperature resistant material AlNiCo temperature 600 ° C.

8. The magnetism and temperature of the strong magnet are negatively correlated. The stronger the magnetism, the lower the temperature resistance, such as neodymium iron boron (200 ° C), samarium cobalt (250-350 ° C); the weaker the magnetic, the higher the temperature resistance, Such as ferrite (500-600), aluminum nickel cobalt (500-600).

The requirements for a powerful magnet have two important parameters, such as magnetic force and temperature resistance range, and then the manufacturer can select the appropriate material according to the use environment to meet the purpose of use.

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