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Knowing that this "3 strokes" no longer have to worry about buying inferior NdFeB magnets.

With the development of science and technology, the use of NdFeB magnets in the industry is also becoming more and more extensive, such as in aircraft high-speed rail, energy vehicles, electronic digital and so on. There are more and more magnet manufacturers in demand, which makes the market of magnets become disordered.

NdFeB powerful magnet round

So how to distinguish the quality of NdFeB magnets has become a problem shared by many people. I have been teaching you how to distinguish them in the experience of Xiaobian in the magnet industry for many years.

Nickel-plated NdFeB magnetic ring

1, the quality of the material determines the performance of the magnet

The first consideration should be whether the materials used by the magnet manufacturers meet the national standards. Secondly, the strength of the manufacturers should be considered strong, and there is no advanced technology. The current advanced technology is the skill of scale ingot casting, hydrogen breaking skills and airflow grinding skills, and then should Considering whether to use two press forming methods, the final is the quality monitoring during the production process.

NdFeB shaped magnet size head

2, the manufacturer's production strength determines the precision of the magnet

NdFeB magnets come in a variety of shapes and are very different for different shapes and sizes. In general, it is difficult to form one at a time, and it must be subjected to cutting and plating. Shape size and tolerance also have a great influence on the quality of the magnet, and the accuracy of the magnet size depends on the production strength of the factory. Therefore, it is also very important to select a strong and well-established manufacturer.

Cylindrical magnetic ring

3. What is the quality of the NdFeB magnet?

Since the electroless magnet does not have a protective layer, the surface of the magnet will soon corrode and rust, so it is necessary to carry out plating treatment on the surface, and the life of the magnet will last for a long time. Electroplating is to deposit a layer of barrier material on the outer surface of the magnet to prevent external substances from corroding the magnet. Nowadays, there are two types of nickel plating and galvanizing, but in some special cases, phosphating is used to treat them, so customers should choose the coating process according to the requirements of their products.

NdFeB semicircular magnet

In the above three points, to distinguish the quality of the NdFeB magnet, it is necessary to understand the production process, and have a good understanding of its performance, size, coating and so on. When buying a magnet, be sure to test the sample first so that you can purchase a good magnet.

Square magnet

If you want to know more about NdFeB magnets, please stay tuned!

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