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Strong magnet manufacturers summarize the basic problems of magnets

What is the price of Xiamen EVERBEEN magnet?


For example, the square Xiamen EVERBEEN powerful magnet, its cost affects the price factor has three, the first is the amount of strong magnets of Qingjingze is the same, each product is the same, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price. There is also the shape of the strong magnet in Shenzhen. The tolerance is not the bigger and more expensive. It is used on some miniature precision instruments. The strong magnet manufacturers are particularly strict with the tolerance control. And the scrap rate is relatively high. In general, the smaller the batch of strong magnets in Dongguan, the higher the price; the more complicated the shape, the higher the processing cost; the stricter the tolerance, the higher the processing cost of the powerful magnet manufacturers. The price is more expensive.

Xiamen EVERBEEN magnet manufacturer

Which kind of magnet is easily broken?

This well-deserved is a neodymium iron boron magnet, because Xiamen EVERBEEN NdFeB magnets are easily corroded. Generally, the coating requirements of Xiamen EVERBEEN magnet manufacturers are either galvanized or nickel plated. But the cost will be higher. After the neodymium iron boron magnet is magnetized, the suction weight is 600 times or more of its own weight, which is easy to absorb and bump. And the neodymium iron boron magnet cannot be magnetically selected by a magnet. In general, there are many bumps that cause wear and tear. Nickel-plated enamel and corrosion-resistant, so the cost will be higher. Foshan NdFeB magnets are slightly higher in price than other types of magnets. But some specific places still need to be used.

Xiamen EVERBEEN magnet manufacturer

Why can magnets only attract iron and copper?

First, the shaped magnet has a force on various metals, but the magnet is also divided into small and small magnets that can be slightly attracted by the magnet, the reverse magnet is slightly repelled by the magnet, and the ferromagnetic body is strongly attracted by the magnet. Magnets (strongly) attracted, nickel-free stainless steel (usually containing chromium) is weakly reflected on the iron and is not easily noticeable. The latter has a higher hardness because the shaped magnet contains chromium. The former is commonly known as stainless iron, shaped magnet. Suspend aluminum and copper with long thin wires and make them stand still without swinging. Use magnets to slowly approach aluminum or copper laterally. Xiamen EVERBEEN magnet manufacturers can find that they will be slightly attracted or repelled, so they are paramagnetic And reverse magnets.

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