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What are the applications of magnets in daily life?

Magnets are closely related to our daily lives;

Magnets are very familiar to everyone. Everyone knows that magnets can absorb iron. Many people have used it. When asked about the specific application of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to generalize. Today we will specifically analyze the connection between magnets and our lives.

First, electro-acoustic devices: mobile phones, televisions, stereos, headphones, and other sound speakers, such speakers are a device that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals. It consists mainly of fixed permanent magnets, coils and cones. When the sound passes through the coil in the speaker in the form of audio current, the magnetic field generated by the magnet on the speaker will exert a force on the coil, and the coil will generate vibration of different frequencies due to the change of the current intensity, thereby driving the paper cone to emit different Frequency and strength of the sound. The cone spreads the vibration through the air, so we hear the sound.

Second, electronic equipment: mobile phone, tablet sleep holster.

Third, the luggage holster and many other items are used to attract and fix the magnet.

Fourth, the medical field: the most commonly used nuclear magnetic resonance in medical examination. It uses the magnetic field of the human body and the magnetic substances carried by the instrument itself to interact and form a test and develop to help people see the cause of the disease. In other medical methods, there are also many applications of magnets, such as acupuncture magnetic therapy and magnetic sensor.

5. Conversion devices for electric energy and kinetic energy such as motors and motors.

Sixth, living appliances, such as induction cookers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, also used a large number of magnets.

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