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Understand this, you know how to choose NdFeB powerful magnets!

NdFeB magnets contain a large amount of iron, which is relatively poor in corrosion resistance and can easily rust when exposed to air. Therefore, all of the NdFeB magnets produced by our company must be phosphated, which is what we often call electroplating.

Shaped magnet nickel plating

So the question is, what kind of coating effect is the NdFeB magnet? What is the effect of the surface plating on the product? First, we should know which coatings can be made by NdFeB?

Round magnet nickel plating

What are the common coatings of NdFeB magnets?

Among them, nickel plating, zinc, chromium, black zinc, black nickel, blue and white zinc, gold, silver, epoxy resin, etc. are commonly used. Different types of plating, the color of the magnet surface will be different, and the length of storage time will be different.

NdFeB magnetic ring - epoxy black

The effects of nickel-plated, galvanized, epoxy and other coatings on the magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets in three solutions were compared. The results show that in the acid, alkali and salt environments, the polymer coating is applied to the magnet. The protective effect is very good, that is, the epoxy resin and nickel plating effect are very good, and the zinc coating is relatively poor. However, due to the complicated epoxy resin process and the cost of the price, in most cases, the nickel coating can be used to obtain a good effect.

Shaped magnet - galvanized

Nickel coating is a good choice for product performance and appearance requirements. It is good to use zinc coating directly without high requirements.

The choice of coating for the NdFeB magnet is mainly based on the environment in which the product is used. The right one is great!

Runway shape - galvanized

In addition, the plating is good, the main reason is the length of the chamfering and plating time. Without understanding the magnet plating, how should we judge the quality of the NdFeB strong magnet coating? In fact, there is a simple and quick way. Look at the coating, the brighter the coating, the better the quality, so when choosing to order the magnet, try to choose a well-known company in the industry to ensure product quality.

Round magnet nickel plating

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