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What are the three classifications of ferrite?

Ferrites are sintered from iron oxides and other ingredients. Generally, it can be divided into three types: permanent ferrite, soft ferrite and spin ferrite.


The ferrite magnet is also called ferrite magnet, which is the small black magnet that we usually see in the permanent ferrite. The magnetic materials of the constituent materials are mainly iron oxide, barium carbonate or barium carbonate. After magnetization, the strength of the residual magnetic field is high, and the residual magnetic field can be maintained by the NdFeB magnet for a long time. Usually used as a permanent magnet material. For example: speaker magnet.


The soft ferrite is formed by sintering and sintering iron oxide and one or more other metal oxides (for example, nickel oxide, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, magnesium oxide, cerium oxide, cerium oxide, etc.). It is called soft magnetic because the residual magnetic field is small or almost absent when the magnetizing magnetic field disappears. Usually used as a choke, or core of an intermediate frequency transformer. This is completely different from the permanent ferrite.

Spin ferrite refers to a ferrite material having a gyromagnetic property. The gyromagnetic property of a magnetic material refers to the phenomenon that a plane-polarized electromagnetic wave rotates in a certain direction during the propagation of a plane-polarized electromagnetic wave in a certain direction under the action of two mutually perpendicular DC magnetic fields and electromagnetic wave magnetic fields [1] . Rotating ferrite has been widely used in the field of microwave communication. According to the crystal type, the ferrite can be classified into a spinel type, a garnet type, and a magnetoplumbit type (hexagon type) ferrite.

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