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The use of NdFeB magnets is also very particular

The use of NdFeB magnets is also very particular

The magnet for the motor changes in the length and volume of the air gap during operation, and is a dynamic magnetic circuit. The magnet is not only affected by temperature changes, but also by the armature electromotive force on its reverse demagnetization. Since the operating point changes back and forth on the return line, the magnet is in a cyclic demagnetization state. This requires us to consider not only the effects of temperature changes but also the additional effects of dynamic demagnetization when designing the magnetic circuit of a motor. For general-power DC motors, due to the armature effect, the minimum operating point is about -0.6. At this time, the BH curve is still straight at the continuous operating temperature of the motor. If the BH curve is bent, the magnet will Permanent demagnetization due to the armature effect; in addition to the magnet at the extreme temperature of the motor, the magnetic flux irreversible loss hirr ≤ 5%.

Everbbeen NdFeB magnets are mainly used in micro-motors, permanent magnet instruments, electronics industry, automotive industry, petrochemical, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, audio equipment, magnetic suspension systems, magnetic transmission mechanisms and magnetic therapy equipment. The car's oil circuit is magnetized to achieve fuel-saving purposes.

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The third-generation rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB is the most powerful permanent magnet in contemporary magnets. It not only has high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high performance and price ratio, but also is easy to process. Various sizes have been widely used in aerospace, aerospace, electronics, electro-acoustic, electromechanical, instrumentation, instrumentation, medical technology and other devices that require permanent magnetic fields. They are especially suitable for high performance, miniaturization and light weight. Various replacement products.

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Everbbeen NdFeB Powerful Magnets are specially designed for use with powerful magnets.

1, access instructions

When Shanghai's powerful magnets are inseparable from each other, it is recommended that the flat pushes be staggered and must not be hardened. Fix the entire Shanghai powerful magnet with your left hand, and use your index finger and thumb in your right hand to remove the Shanghai powerful magnet horizontally. Do not immediately throw the Shanghai powerful magnet out of the magnet pile after you remove it. Please isolate the Shanghai powerful magnet immediately.

2, gently take care, away from the iron or magnetic things far away (about 16 cm) or paper, the paper bag is taken out thick, so it is safer. If you need to put the Shanghai powerful magnet back into the whole magnet, please put it back slowly and move it in from the edge at close range. The hand must hold the Everbbeen powerful magnet until the Everbbeen powerful magnet has moved in.

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