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Recommended! "5 major methods" teaches you to choose the right coating of NdFeB magnets

The neodymium iron boron strong magnets we usually see are gold and silver. In fact, the magnet itself is not what we see, but the way it is displayed after electroplating.

Round counterbore magnet - nickel plating

The most commonly used coatings for NdFeB magnets are galvanized and nickel plated, which are the gold and silver we see. Many friends know that magnets need electroplating, but they don’t know the difference between different coatings. Here are some small series to analyze and analyze for everyone.

Shaped counterbore magnet - nickel plating

In fact, NdFeB magnets are galvanized and nickel plated in the appearance, rust, service life and so on, there are obvious differences:

First, the difference in polishing

Nickel plating is superior to galvanizing on polished surfaces and is brighter in appearance. Nickel plating is generally required for products with high appearance requirements. Export products are basically nickel plated. Some magnets are not exposed, and the requirements for the appearance of the product are relatively low. Generally, galvanizing is sufficient.

Shaped magnet - bright nickel

Second, the rust difference

After the nickel-plated surface treatment, its corrosion resistance is higher, up to 96H salt spray does not rust, and galvanizing can only achieve 48H salt spray without rust.

Third, the hardness difference

Nickel plating is also higher than galvanizing. In the process of use, collisions and the like can be avoided to a great extent, causing the phenomenon of falling angle and chipping of the neodymium iron boron strong magnet.

Square magnet - galvanized

Fourth, the difference in service life

Compared with nickel plating, galvanizing has different corrosion resistance due to different surface coatings. Its service life is lower than that of nickel plating. The main reason is that the surface coating is easy to fall off after a long time, causing the magnet to oxidize and affect the magnetic force.

Round magnet - galvanized

Five, the price difference

In this respect, galvanizing is extremely advantageous, and the price ranges from low to high, such as galvanizing, nickel plating, and epoxy resin. The quality and artificial difference of materials are also the determining factors. Conventional galvanizing nickel plating is barrel plating. Nickel plating is a method of electroplating a metal or some non-metal by electrolysis or chemical method. Nickel plating.

Shaped magnet - galvanized

The electroplating of NdFeB magnets is to add a protective layer on the surface to improve the appearance, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, surface strength and service life.

Racetrack magnet - epoxy black

So you can choose the right coating according to your needs, choose the cost-effective magnet products, the right is excellent!

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