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The Function and Application of Plastic Magnetic in Our life

Plastic magnetic is a new type of functional polymer composite material, which is an important basic material in the field of modern science and technology. Compared with sintered magnetic materials, magnetic plastics have low density, high impact strength, and their magnetic properties can be controlled by magnetic powder content. It has good properties and can be used without breaking. It can choose various resins such as nylon, polyphenylene sulfide and elastic plastic as the substrate, mix with ferrite magnetic powder and neodymium iron boron magnetic powder, and use plastic universal injection molding. The forming technology is processed, which has unique advantages in the preparation of thin wall, complex shape, radial orientation, high-precision magnet, and integrated combination forming. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high material utilization rate and high production efficiency. The miniaturization, weight reduction, compounding, high efficiency, and energy saving of the device play a key role. If you want to play a bigger role in the magnetic ring, you can wind the cable around the plastic magnetic ring. The more the number of turns, the better the interference suppression effect on the lower frequency, and the weaker the noise suppression on the higher frequency.

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