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How to judge the quality of sintered Neodymium magnets

 Judgment method 1: Considering the performance of the magnet

     How to ensure the magnetic properties of sintered Neodymium magnets must be controlled from the production process of raw materials, the manufacturing requirements of enterprises, the production process and the orientation of magnetic fields. According to the raw material composition stipulated by the national standard to purchase raw materials, according to the requirements of the enterprise to manufacture high-grade or medium-grade or low-grade sintered Neodymium. The advanced nature of the production process of sintered Neodymium magnets determines the performance and quality of the magnet. The performance of magnets made by the most advanced technology is relatively high.

     Judgment method 2: Considering the orientation of the magnetic field of the magnet

     From the magnetic field orientation, China is the only country in the world that adopts two-step press molding. Oriented with a small pressure vertical molding, and finally using quasi-isostatic pressing.


     Judgment method 3: observe from the production process

     Monitoring is also very important in the production process. It can be controlled by means of SC sheet thickness measurement and JM powder particle size distribution. High-quality products are all dependent on the control of the production process, but customers will be very confused, how to judge the performance of the products I purchased? You can use some measuring instruments to measure, to show customers that the products meet the national standards. Customers can also select the Neodymium grades they need based on the magnet parameters Br (remanence), Hcb (coercive force), Hcj (inner coercivity), and (BH)max (maximum magnetic energy product). Choose products that meet your requirements.

     Secondly, the quality of sintered Neodymium magnets can be determined according to the size of the magnet. The shape of Neodymium is different according to its application. The production process is also carried out in many steps. The quality of the sintered Neodymium magnet surface is generally good. To be smooth, we must achieve a certain degree of precision. Therefore, a qualified sintered Neodymium magnet not only needs to meet the performance requirements of the standard, but also the control of dimensional tolerance directly affects its application. The size guarantee is directly dependent on the processing strength of the factory

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