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General Description:
Ceramic (ferrite) magnets are composed of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. They are charcoal gray in color and usually appear in the forms of discs, rings, blocks, cylinders, and sometimes arcs or segments for motors.

Applications of Ceramic Magnets:
• Speaker magnets
• DC brushless motors
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
• Magnetos used on lawnmowers and outboard motors
• DC permanent magnet motors (used in cars)
• Separators (separate ferrous material from non-ferrous)
• Used in magnetic assemblies designed for lifting, holding, retrieving and separating
• Magnetic Door Catcher
• Instrument and Meters
• Toys
• Arts and crafts

Attributes of Ceramic Magnets:
• Least expensive material compared to alnico and rare earth magnets
• High intrinsic coercive force
• Available in simple shapes only due to manufacturing process
• Lower service temperature than alnico, greater than rare earth  
• Lower energy product than alnico and rare earth magnets
• Most common grades of Y25,Y30,Y30H-1,Y30H-2,Y32,Y33 ceramic are 1, 5 and 8 (1-8 possible)

For as pressed material, tolerance on the thickness (direction of magnetization) is ± .005inch. Other dimensions are ± 2% or ± .010inch, whichever is greater.


Magnetic Characteristic of Ferrite Magnets
GradeBrHcbHcj (BH)max  
Y8T200-235 2.0-2.35125-1601.57-2.01210-2802.64-3.526.5-9.50.8-1.2
Y20320-380 3.2-3.8135-1901.70-2.38140-1951.76-2.4518.0-22.02.3-2.8
Y22H310-360 3.1-3.6220-2502.77-3.14280-3203.52-4.0220.0-24.02.5-3.2
Y23320-370 3.2-3.7170-1902.14-2.38190-2302.39-2.8920.0-25.52.5-3.2
Y25360-400 3.6-4.0135-1701.70-2.14140-2001.76-2.5122.5-28.02.8-3.5
Y26H360-390 3.6-3.9220-2502.77-3.14225-2552.83-3.2123.0-28.02.9-3.5
Y27H370-400 3.7-4.0205-2502.58-3.14210-2552.64-3.2125.0-29.03.1-3.7
Y28H370-400 3.7-4.0175-2102.20-2.64180-2202.26-2.7726.0-30.03.3-3.8
Y30H-1380-400 3.8-4.0230-2752.89-3.46235-2902.95-3.6527.0-32.03.4-4.1
Y30H-2395-415   3.95-4.15275-3003.46-3.77310-3353.90-4.2128.5-32.53.5-4.0
Y32400-420 4.0-4.2160-1902.01-2.38165-1952.07-2.4530.0-33.53.8-4.2
Y33410-430 4.1-4.3220-2502.77-3.14225-2552.83-3.2131.5-35.04.0-4.4
Physical Property of Ferrite Magnets
Parameter         markUnitValue
Recoil permeability                           μrecGs/Oe1.05-1.3
Curie TemperatureTc450
The coefficient of demagnetization to temperature  ɑ(Br)℃-1-0.2%(0-100℃)
The coefficient of demagnetization coercive force to temperature   ɑ(Hc)℃-10.2%-0.5%(0-100℃)
The coefficient of linear expansionɑ℃-1
HardnessHV      -480-580

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